Training Programs on Hospital Preparedness on Emergencies (HOPE)

Training Programs on Hospital Preparedness on Emergencies (HOPE)


The HOPE Course was primarily designed to prepare hospitals to respond to natural hazards and human induced disasters. GIDM in association with NHM, Gujarat conducted series of trainings for instructors (TFI) on Hospital Preparedness for Emergencies Course with technical support of Asian Disaster Preparedness Centre, (ADPC) Bangkok. In FY 2019-20, five batches successfully completed HOPE Basic Course


Though its lessons and exercises course aims to achieve following instructional and performance based objectives:


  • Describe the relationship between hospitals and disasters.
  • Apply a method of judging the effects of different hazards on the functional and operational components of a hospital.
  • Simulate a mass casualty incident addressing the roles and responsibilities of each component of Hospital Incident Response System (HIRS).
  • Discuss the basic requirements in the medical aspects of managing mass casualties.
  • Apply concepts learned in on-site medical care to specific situations.
  • Prepare an outline of a hospital disaster preparedness plan.


By the end of the course, depending on the disaster scenario, the participants will be able to:

  • Conduct a vulnerability assessment of the hospital
  • Develop a hospital disaster plan
  • Manage a disaster response


  • HOPE Course is evaluated using pre- test; post-test and based on the involvement and contribution in the exercises participants for TFI Course are identified.

Photographs of various sessions and group discussion of joint program organized by GIDM and NHM