MoU with Hiroshima University, Japan

MoU with Hiroshima University, Japan


A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between Gujarat Institute of Disaster Management (GIDM), Gujarat, India and Hiroshima University (HU), Hiroshima, Japan on November 2016, valid until November 2021.

The MoU aims to establish an academic and educational exchange agreement in order to promote mutual understanding between the two countries and between the two institutions through educational and academic collaborations and exchange and to contribute to the advancement and progress of learning. It aims at strengthening education and research programmes, specifically in the field of earthquake, tsunami and other activities under the Disaster Risk Reduction framework to effectively enhance community resilience.

Area of Co-operation:

  • Promotion of joint research
  • Exchange of faculty members and administrative staff
  • Exchange of undergraduate students
  • Exchange of research outcomes, academic publications, and other academic information
  • Other academic and educational exchange programs approved as suitable by both universities

The MoU was signed by Smt. Anju Sharma, Director General, GIDM and Dr. Mitsuo Ochi, President, HU.

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