Joint Workshop organised by GIDM, UNDRR & GoI for BIMSTEC Member Countries

Joint Workshop organised by GIDM, UNDRR & GoI for BIMSTEC Member Countries


The Workshop organized on Risk Informed Urban Planning for BIMSTEC Member Countries at GIDM from 17th to 20th December, 2019. The aim of the workshop was to make the urban planning professionals in the BIMSTEC Member Countries to understand the fundamentals of disaster risk management and how the principles of disaster risk reduction and resilience can be incorporated into urban planning decisions.


  • Understand the urbanization process, risk profile and exposure in the BIMSTEC region and the various related global frameworks stirring collaboration and coherence
  • Discuss the issues and challenges of vulnerability assessment and ways of reducing urban vulnerability
  • Increasing awareness among participants on the need to mainstream disaster risk reduction into the urban planning and management processes
  • Establish a platform to exchange in-depth learning from experts in the related area and to share good practices among participants


Outcome of this workshop is to enhance urban disaster risk understanding in the participating countries. Participants will be able to fully understand the benefits of risk informed urban planning in terms of prevention of new risk, reduction of existing risk and management of residual urban risk.


GIDM has developed handbook on Risk Informed Urban planning for BIMSTEC. This Handbook has a simple goal to inspire and motivate apex decision makers in the field of urban planning and development to consider the nuances of disaster risk reduction and disaster risk management in their existing process of planning, governance, financing and development. This Handbook derives its inspiration from UNDRR’s ‘Implementation Guide for Land Use and Urban Planning’ (Words into Action series) and unfolds.

Group photograph after completion of the workshop organized by GIDM, UNDRR and GoI for BIMSTEC member Countries