Joint program organised by GIDM, IIPA & GoI for State Government Officials

Joint program organised by GIDM, IIPA & GoI for State Government Officials


A Blended Capacity Building Programme on “Climate Smart Governance” was jointly organised by GIDM, IIPA &GoI for State Government Officials via Virtual Internet Participation (VIP): 26th Sept – 01st Oct, 2019 Face-to Face Interaction at GIDM: 03rd– 04th Oct, 2019.


  • The main objective of this project is to target selected stakeholders and to sensitize them on Climate Change issues, adaptation needs and options.
  • To understand the basics of disaster risk management
  • Understand the basic science behind Climate Change
  • Comprehend the sectoral Climate Change affects
  • Explain the projections of Climate Change and its links
  • Develop and carry out sectoral impacts, vulnerability and adaptive capacity assessment in relation to Climate Change
  • Translate results of the assessment into adaptation needs and options
  • Develop adaptation strategy and national/ sub national action plans
  • Engage Sectoral stakeholders
  • Recognize, promote and integrate mitigation co-benefits in various sectors


  • Training was fulfilled as per the responses during the interactive session in the training program
  • The existing capacity dealing with the devastating impacts of Climate Change in the State may be enhanced through a series of capacity building activities coordinated by GIDM. Such type of workshops cum ToTs (a total of 3 batches) may be organized by Dec’ 2020, so as to create a cadre of Master Trainers, targeting across the State
  • SATCOM and Virtual Classroom based Training Programs


  • The participants belong to different departments of the state and are directly or indirectly have the influence of Climate Change in each Department. Therefore, a proper awareness and sensitization regarding the Governance keeping the knowledge about climate change adaptation and disaster risk management was assested as the training need.
  • The Blended Capacity Building Programme was organized for Senior Level officers of Government of Gujarat which helped them in honing their skills and knowledge further with reference to their existing subject matter expertize.

Photographs of various sessions and group discussion of joint program organized by GIDM, IIPA & GoI